LaTranstica live – Day 2, and pre-race stage

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Day 2 has finished, and with it, the carbing-up part of the event.

We moved today from San Jose, and our first stop was when the wagon dragged behind our bus with all the luggage broke down. We all moved out and for a while helped getting all the luggage out and to the roof of the bus – good bye wagon.

Next stop was at Tarcoles – where we enjoyed some fresh coconuts and a few picture of the huge crocodiles down under the bridge.

From there we continued for lunch at the entrance to Manuel Antonio, and continued towards our hotel closer to the park and the beach.

A change of cloths, and we were heading to the beach for our pre-race stage “zero” of 6 km back and forth along the nice beach and sunset.

Tomorrow – the real thing starts.

At 8:30 AM CostaRica time (afternoon in Europe or towards midnight in east Asia) we set off for what should be the most difficult stage.

For live tracking during the running hours:

Starting for just off the west Pacific coast at what is expected to be sunny (not good), hot – but still humid weather, and climbing throughout the day – 41 km, 2,830m elevation and 1,380m decent.

Time to finish in the past was between 4:06 and 9:00 hours – which means the “time to beat” for me is 9 hours. That’s about the time I expect it to take, so hopefully all goes well, and hope to get some rain as early as possible.

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