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Welcome to Trail Passion!

Over time, I hope this website can serve both as (1) a stage for me to share my experiences, ups and downs, while I keep finding challenges and trying to figure out the way to make it through them in one piece.

And (2), there are so many insights coming out from making these challenges, and I’d like this to be to some extent a platform to share thought and insights.

The first step, in line with the name Trail Passion – is to start exploring the concept of Passion. Check out the Passion & Dreams page.


Run with me

diet weightloss overweight beforeafter runwithme fatmanrunningWhen I started running, I took on a challenge to run 110 km in a great fun stage race in Iceland – Run Iceland. I created a page on G+ to commit myself to the challenge.

Once I was through that race, the page dedicated to one specific challenge made less sense. As I realized finding mid-term challenges and enjoying to road that leads to them, I changed the name to Run with me, added the page on Facebook, and stuck with that since.

I still like “Run with me”, and sometimes also toy with describing my challenges as “Fat Man Running”. If you see the picture of where I started from not too long ago, you get it, and in some sense, I think I will always stay “fat man running”, regardless of the weight.

Follow and Like!

Keep checking out for new staff here. And in the meantime, best thing is if you have not done it already – follow Run with me on G+ or Like on Facebook. And once you have done that – some advice, comments, encouragement or rebuke – are always appreciated!

Contact us

Please do!

I will add something more structured later on, but in the meantime – if you have any comments about the site or about run with me, ideas you want to share, posts you want to contribute, or really anything – just start for now with sending an email to one of:


I will get back to you quickly (once I am off the trails).
Happy running!