Passion & Dreams

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How do we define passion?  Can one answer the question  “why”?
What is the difference between a passion, a dream, and a vision?

In business contexts, many companies make a considerable effort to put forward a big vision for the company to rally the company around, and provide a sense of purpose. How is that really helping with building individual motivation and passion?

On an individual level, a lot has been said over time about how to find your passion and follow your passion. Alternatively, one can think about chasing a dream. These all seem close enough and connected, but there are tricky differences between them.

On a personal note, I always liked a bit of hiking and mountain scenery, but stumbled into trail running almost by accident – started with some hiking as a diet exercise, and at some point found that I am carried after that almost obsessively, and realized this was now a Passion I was following

Here we will try to explore and understand better these concepts by hearing from various individuals who seem to have a strong “Passion” component to what they do. Individuals both in the field of trail running, and from a wide range of fields and industries completely unrelated. Here their own thoughts about what Passion and some of the other concepts mean for them.

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