Costa Rica LaTranstica

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Costa Rica. Heat. Humidity. Wild jungles. Local communities. Coffee and tobacco plantations. Volcanoes.

LaTranstica will take us from Costa Rica’s Pacific ocean beaches, all the way through to its beaches on the Caribbean sea. 200 km of trail running with 8,500m of elevation and decent.

A group of 20 people from 8 countries will be doing this together this year, some of which the full “Extreme” version, and some will be taking on the shorter “Adventure” version.
We will be doing it in 5 daily stages, in between staying in provisional camps or at local village schools.

Live Tracking!

Trying out something new …

Check out these links during the stages for a full-on tracking of my location (as long as my battery survives):

Live updates

I have been writing updates on some races and the training that were leading up to this Challenge. As I head over to Costa Rica and throughout the event/ race days, I will try to add quick “live updates” in the form of short posts.

You can find all the live updates right here.

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