LaTranstica Stage 1 – Done!

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Not a lot of time to update, and likely won’t have wifi for a few days, so cannot share the pictures.

We started today close to sea level, with a long climb. The climb was very gentle, but the “good” weather with clear sky meant the heat and humidity were not.

I had a better pace than I expected, but that took its toll – by the time I reached the steeper climbs I was tiered and without much energy, yet my heart was jumping too high every time I tried to increase the pace.

And so, it was a very slow second half. Still, I finished earlier than the 9 hours slowest recorded time, and was away from being last as well – all is good.

Landed at a finish line with an awesome hot chicken-and-vegetable soup, followed by a very very cold shower (felt like an extra mini stage). We are staying at 1,600m elevation, so it’s actually quite chilly here.

Best part was a great massage I got after the shower – Yay.

Costa Rica LaTranstica Stage 1

Tomorrow, another tough stage (there are not going to be easy ones). 40 km, with 2,900m+ ascent and 1,500m+ descent. Full details here.

These include a couple of long climbs of 1,000m and 1,200m, and a 1,000m downhill. And as weird as it may sound for Costa Rica, starting at 1,600m and reaching 3,000m, it’s going to be chilly.

Will transmit live tracking again from around 7:30~8:00 Costa Rica time on this link.

Now for some sleep in a sleeping-bag on the floor here.

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