New age Samurai – talking Passion

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I am completely psyched to be able to launch the website with these 2 interviews.
Full interview: Shunsuke Okunomiya, Kentaro Sakakibara.
フルインタビュー: 奥宮俊祐榊原健太郎

The idea in the Passion & Dreams part of, is to explore everything around Passion – specifically not by me just rambling away, but by hearing what other people think about it, who have somewhat of a proven track record with Passion.

Quick overview インタビュー概要

Who:Shunsuke Okunomiya
奥宮 俊祐
Kentaro Sakakibara
榊原 健太郎
Activity:Trail running (athlete and organizer)Start up (investment & support)
Company:Fun Trails (founder and CEO)Samurai Incubate (founder and CEO)
Passion:WinningGet the Peace Nobel prize, through technology
Boasting rights:Long list of successful races, podium and championships - you can check it outhere. Just won the Hasetsune cup race. “Fun Trails”, only started, but already running at 7~8 events each monthA portfolio including 83 Japanese and 17 Israeli start-ups, a number of successful exits, co-working spaces with 45 startups in Tokyo and 15 in Tel-Aviv.

Passion Samurai

Kentaro Sakakibara and Shunsuke Okunomiya who I had the honor to interview – definitely have the receipts. They come from completely different disciplines. One heading a seed capital investment and startup support company, and the other – a veteran trail runner who just won the Hasetsune Cup race a week ago.

Both of them have amazing track records in their respective fields, and looking from the side – both are easily suspected of being driven by a strong Passion.

The one common thing between them is that they are both Japanese, and with their strong demonstrated relentless spirit, I see the both as representing a new form of Japanese “Samurai” in a way. It might sound a bit awkward, but as it turns out – People around Kentaro know him mostly as “Ken Samurai”.

Expect the unexpected

I came into both these interviews with some bias – both about what I will hear them say, and about what I assumed their core passion to be (seemed pretty obvious).

It turned out that in both cases I got quite surprised when I realized how they define their own passion.

On the other hand, while they come from very different disciplines and backgrounds – when it comes to Passion-speak, I found them to have a lot of common ground in how they think about quite tricky concepts (as in nuanced definitions of Passion).

The small print

The interviews were conducted in Japanese, I then wrote things down in English, and made an attempt to translate back to Japanese. I am not really equipped to do this, so I apologize in advance for any misses, tough-to-comprehend writing style, and horrible Japanese writing – anything that seems out of order – is fully my own fault.

Still, the contents of the conversations, and the character and history of these two gentlemen I found to be super interesting, so I can only hope I managed to convey a small part of that in the write-ups.

For a quick taste – you can check out the summary table. For the full write-ups, follow the respective links for Ken or Shunsuke in either English or Japanese.

Do let me hear what you are thinking

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