Day 7 – La Transtica Costa Rica Ultra Trail

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After getting on top of things with stage 4 yesterday (still cannot get my head around it), we are getting a day off running, as we transition to the Caribbean coast today.

After 3 nights of sleeping on school floors after cold showers, we are in somewhat of a shock to have arrived in what seems to all of us like a little piece of heaven. It’s a Cacao plantation/ ranch doubling as a resort with small cabins between the Cacao trees. Pool (for swimming under the rain), hot showers, real beds …

To top this up, we had already some taste of the 100%-cacao chocolate they make here. After having tasted that, I asked for some hot-chocolate drink, made from that war cacao. Wow.

Tomorrow is the last stage – 28 km left to finish, mostly flat grounds, but not going to be easy – running on beach-sand and followed with muddy forest trails again.

With yesterday’s performance, I will try to go strong enough to get into the top 10 for the overall ranking. Finishing this is not a question any more.

Live tracking as usual here:

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