Beach, Daiquiri and a visit – Costa Rica final acclimatization

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Jaco, Costa Rica - trailrunning acclimatization beach jogging

Jaco beach, Costa Rica

La Transtica – Costa Rica Trail – Extereme, starts tomorrow!

Last 3 days of acclimatization in Jaco are reaching their end today.

After some initial walk around the city, a couple of frozen Daiquiris at the “Surfdogs” accompanies by some Reggae, Assaf joined me here the following day. It’s a rare thing to be in such a boutique international event, and yet meet here another Israeli.


Since I wanted to rest my running legs, I went for a short swim while waiting for Assaf to arrive in Jaco.

Jaco, Costa Rica - trailrunning acclimatization beach joggingIt’s been quite a while since I last had a swim (I guess at minimum 4-5 years), so I was a bit anxious, but it felt really great – this is definitely going into my routine moving forward.
With my shin-splints giving me some hints of a comeback, swimming seemed like the right way to go for some core body-moving, leaving any further running to the race.

Or so I thought. As Assaf arrived in Jaco, he had his own agenda for pre-race acclimatization, and before long we were taking a jog up a nearby hill, to get some nice views of Jaco.

Jaco, Costa Rica - trailrunning acclimatization beach jogging

with Assaf up a nearby hill @ Jaco

That wasn’t enough for Assaf, so I was getting some messages at 6 AM this morning to drag myself out of bed, and come out for a morning run before breakfast.

We ran across  town this time, until the road ended, and not long after the little dirt-road ended ass well, at a dog that gave my (other) shin a good bite that should last me as a reminder of Jaco for the rest of my stay in Costa Rica and then some (it’s a nasty one).

We went on to run back, this time through the beach, and back just in time for some breakfast.

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Tomorrow is “day 0” of the event, which is really an arrival day, so I will probably hang around the hotel and pool until midday before heading back towards San Jose.

4 days to Stage 1.




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