LaTranstica Live: Hitting Costa Rica

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8 days to LaTranstica.

After over 30 hours on the way, finally arrived at my hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Before long, I was out for a small round of introduction – 4 km with stops at a couple of bus terminals – trying to figure out next steps.

After over a week with absolutely no running whatsoever – first for allowing my shin-splits to somewhat recover, then just being on a Hackathon of trying to get my blog together – doing the interviews, processing, translating, re-processing, and then configuring a bunch of left-to-do thing before launching …
The last part was a pure 48 hours of computer-bent couch slouching, with the only movement being towards the snacks and redbull …

And so, it should not be of much surprize that my body felt in this little run today like I just through away all the last 2 years’ training.

On the good side – my shin splits for now didn’t complain (yay!), and the weather – at least while raining, and at least in San Jose is much much cooler than I imagined it would be – it’s evening, and probably not representing much, but good news!

And now for some local beer.

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